Motion Raceworks LSA 4 Port LS Steam Kit

$435.00 inc GST

Balancing cylinder temperature in a boosted application is essential to building safe and durable tuneups.  LS engines come with 4 corner cooling capabilities, unfortunately many times they are blocked off creating “hot” cylinders in the rear two corners where air/steam gets trapped.

Motion Raceworks Steam Kit for the LSA and Supercharger applications provides a plug and play solution.  Including all Made in the USA billet pieces, bracketry, and Fragola line/fittings



  • (4) Corner Blocks (Black Anodised)
  • (1) Set of Gaskets for Corner Blocks
  • (1) 5 port Billet Manifold Block (Black Anodised)
  • (1) CNC Laser/Formed Aluminum Mounting Bracket (Black Anodised)
  • (4) Premade Fragola Black Lines
  • Necessary Fittings
  • Necessary Hardware